Monday, July 16, 2012

Mini Vacation!

My husband and I were to get away for a long weekend and much-needed vacation! :) We spent two days at water parks, ate lots of yummy food, slept in, explored the Dells, and rode the Ducks!

We had so much fun, and it was wonderful to get away together before I'm hugely pregnant! We were both not feeling our best this weekend, so weren't as active as we might have been, but I was glad we were on vacation and could rest all we wanted! :)

Here are a few shots from the weekend...

My faithful driver! :)

Exhausted after a day in the water park!

Yummy pizza dinner! We love Pizza Hut. :)

Downtown Wisconsin Dells.

Sandstone valleys while riding the Ducks.

Entering the water!

Annndd... it floats! :) So fun!

Sandstone cliffs along the river.

This is what the Ducks look like in water. :)

Amphibious landing!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Office Organization

Warning: some images in this post may cause anxiety and stress to more organized viewers...

I often skip the office when I clean the house... And considering the fact that the rest of the house has pretty much been skipped for the last six weeks, let's just say the office was a sad state of affairs.

I had moved the desk, it was under the window before, but this is pretty much how it looked!

Blocked in. :P

Mess mess mess...

I started by sorting through everything, moved the craft/sewing table to the other side of the room, and added a shelf unit made up of a shelf and two crates. The hanging organizer I hung from a plant hook nailed to the wall. ;)

Some progress being made! I sorted through all my supplies and sorted them by type of project.
I have stuff for jewelry, scrapbooking, card making, sewing, crocheting, and wood crafts all in one area, so the baskets and drawer units are a lifesaver!

Finished! I'm still going to label the bins and drawers, but haven't decided if I want to do chalkboard labels, or something else. I may print them. :)

I sorted my ribbon into a glass jar instead of using a bin, all my ribbon is on the rod. Scrapbooking is in one the drawers and in the right hand crate, and jewelry supplies in basket on the left. The other drawers have card making supplies, general craft supplies, and glue. Spray paint and brushed on are the top shelf.  The bins hold mending projects, yarn, scrap scraps, and fat quarters on the bottom. I used an old oatmeal canister to keep my rolled larger scraps from escaping. :) I also have a sorted bin of larger pieces of fabric under the table.

I also hung a curtain to give it a more finished feel, and hide the old nasty window. :P

The desk, dresser, and bottom of the cabinets hold my business supplies. :) I also moved the hedgehog to the counter to block junk-collecting. To the left (not pictured) is hubby's computer area, which I did not finish all the way because I didn't want to completely disorient his current projects. :)
I didn't have a matching curtain for this side (I was sure I did when I hung the other.. pregnancy brain I guess) so I'm keeping an eye out at sales and second hand stores for a matching pair.

What organization projects have you done lately?

Small Projects :)

As I finish up the first trimester, I have started to gain back a little energy. :) I have been doing some smaller projects, but have been terrible at pictures/tutorials.

I made this necklace quick using some charms I had laying around, and gave it to my sister-in-law for her 17th birthday.

I also made her this picture using a Simply Said design I had on hand, some ribbon, picture corners, and scrapbook paper. She loves polka dots, so I thought it would match her style. ;)

(excuse the off-center photo...)
Next up.. my organization project! :)