Monday, September 24, 2012

Autumn is coming!

Despite it being in the high seventies today, I was inspired to do my fall decorating. I adore fall. ^_^
Also, budget. I wanted to do it for under $20.

 My collection. Most of this is from the dollar store, the rest is from yard sales and thrift stores. Just look at all that prettiness. 

First up, my boring spring/summer table center piece....

Autumn update! :)

I used a leaf strand from the dollar store and two birch candle holders I already had.

Next I tackled my never-finished front entry. 

There is a matching candle/holder on the other side of this mirror. 
The wreath was from the DS, and I used burlap, jute, and fabric to decorate it. I love these little wreaths.. I'll have to grab some more before they're gone for the year!

I may or may not be very slightly  obsessed with burlap and jute. <3

Hall before...

 And after. :)
 Everything I used here I had before, except the flowers in the wall vase thingy, which were from, of course, the DS. :P

Some other random fall decor I did around the house. :)

Total cost: $16

Happy Autumn!

Updates :)

You may have noticed the new blog title and layout. :) I decided it was time to update the look and feel of my blog... I wasn't really feeling the old name anymore, and I don't think most people really got it.

The verse, Isaiah 29:3, has really been lain on my heart lately, and I cling to it daily. What wonderful promises our Father has for us...

6 Down, 3 (ish) to go!

When I first found out I was pregnant, January seemed so far away... Every week felt like a month in the first trimester, every day dragged. Of course it didn't help I had zero energy and spent many mornings in our lovely bathroom. ;)

As of yesterday, Baby is 24 weeks "cooked". We can now feel and see him/her move from the outside of my belly, and enjoy watching how how Baby responds to our voices, especially my husbands. :)

I have begun accumulating some baby clothes and items, including a huge haul from my mom. I have some clothes, burp clothes, blankets, etc. Just collecting things slowly has been a lesson in patience for me (I am SO a planner, if it were up to me I would have everything ready by now... :P), but it has also caused me to really research what I think will work best for us, instead of impulse buying. :)

I look forward to the beginning of every month, when we get to hear our sweet baby's heartbeat! I really enjoy our midwife appointments, and we always come away feeling so excited and happy about our baby all over again. :)

I love my preggo belly... even if I can't bend over anymore already. :P

January will be here before we know it, and I can't wait to meet our precious baby!!
One month, right after we found out!

Six months! :)