Monday, July 16, 2012

Mini Vacation!

My husband and I were to get away for a long weekend and much-needed vacation! :) We spent two days at water parks, ate lots of yummy food, slept in, explored the Dells, and rode the Ducks!

We had so much fun, and it was wonderful to get away together before I'm hugely pregnant! We were both not feeling our best this weekend, so weren't as active as we might have been, but I was glad we were on vacation and could rest all we wanted! :)

Here are a few shots from the weekend...

My faithful driver! :)

Exhausted after a day in the water park!

Yummy pizza dinner! We love Pizza Hut. :)

Downtown Wisconsin Dells.

Sandstone valleys while riding the Ducks.

Entering the water!

Annndd... it floats! :) So fun!

Sandstone cliffs along the river.

This is what the Ducks look like in water. :)

Amphibious landing!

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