Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Baby Project: Rocking Chair

to this.


While ticking off the days of my second trimester (can't believe I'm coming up on half way already!), I have been getting a little stir crazy and looking for something to keep me busy.

Solution? Re purpose three pieces of nursery furniture that were free/given to us!

First on the list was the older rocking chair and ottoman set from my in laws. Not in terrible shape, but I thought it could use a face lift.

Some wood damage.

The little ottoman, which had been at our house in the midst of construction for two years!
I removed the covers from the foam pads, ripped the seams out, and measured out what I would need for fabric.

Fabric and spray paint I *finally* decided on. :P 

Sanded down and ready for...

Painting!! :)

The painting took a couple days, and I believe about 5 cans of paint (still less then $20). The fabric and pillow form were around $40.

The cushion covers were a little more difficult then I figured they would be. :P I haven't tried anything like this before, and I was completely winging it. The ottoman was super easy, I ended up just covering over the old fabric and stapling it down.

The bottom cushion was a pain because of how the pattern was. I'm sure if I was a more experienced seamstress, it would have been a breeze. But alas, I am not.

After a frustrating afternoon, though, I figured 'em out.

Hubby kindly finished the ottoman for me. He's a good spray painter. :)

Isn't that better? All ready for some baby rockin'. :)

I wanted to add a little more pop and color to the chair, so instead of making it all chaotic, I just accented.

Love the ottoman. 

I had some scraps left over from the pillow, and decided to dress up the sides a little. I just attached them at either end with adhesive velcro.

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