Friday, August 17, 2012

Piano Bench Re-Purpose

A little bench for our new front door area  has been a project I wanted to work on for a while, and have been keeping my eye out for a good deal for months.

Salvation Army came through again with this cute little piano bench!

Just need a little love, right? That I can do. :)

I bought some upolstry foam from WalMart for $7.50. I didn't have a tape measure to know how much I needed, so I just eyeballed it.

Perfect amount! I took the lid off, as it's hinged so I could more easily work with it.

I had some brown twill left over from a different project. I laid it all out and stapled the fabric right to the wood, it worked well! My sweet husband helped me finish it up, turns out he's an excellent upholstery re-doer helper. ;)

Just like that! Easy, easy project!

The inside of the bench has some useful storage space, as well. I told my husband that amount of space will work until we have like one child's worth of hats and mittens. ;)

Love how it finishes off our hallway, and it also matched the little hutch I redid a couple months ago.

Almost the same exact shade of brown, with black. :)

Total project cost: $12.50

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  1. Awesome project! :D I like the "Until we have like 1 child's worth of winter stuff" part. ;) It's a neat hall bench now!
    - Sister Sarey