Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ezra John: 11 months

I can't believe next month will be a birthday post! How did that go so fast?! Ezra is growing so much every day, and it's so fun watching him learn and explore his world, and watch his personality emerge. He is such a fun, happy little guy.

This months big accomplishment was finally learning to crawl! He has been semi mobile for a while, but just couldn't quite get the moving forward on hands and knees bit. This new discovery has him cruising around from room to room and following us around like an adorable little chubby puppy. :)


Ezra loves food, his very favorite is super rice, a family recipe which is basically a rice and chicken stew. He also like his breakfast oatmeal and finger foods such as veggie puffs, cheerios, and bits of veggies and fruits.

Who knew water in a bowl could be this much fun? :)
He's about the same size as last month. We've been fighting off a couple different colds and he is just getting over a nasty cough, but is thankfully back to sleeping 10+ hours a night and 3-6 hours a day. He likes to sleep, and I love the breaks. ;)
Such a goof! He can always make me smile. :)

We were able to get up north to visit my parents a couple times last month, and we enjoyed wonderful Thanksgiving dinners from both sides of the family, as well as lots of visiting. Ezra isn't a fan of the loud games we like to play, so Jacob, being the great dad he is, spent a lot of time soothing him so I could visit.

Wagner family, 2013 


  1. Hey catherine! I've given your blog the Liebster Award. :) ( http://www.finelyground.net/2014/08/liebster-award.html )

  2. What a sweet little guy!! =) I love the first picture of him with the hat. =)