Wednesday, March 9, 2016

If You Give Mama A Milk Spill

If you give mama a milk spill, she will see the milk under the fridge. To clean the milk under the fridge, she will need a rag. She will move the fridge over to find a bigger spill of milk, from another day perhaps? Today, she hopes.

After collecting all the dusty toys and cobwebs, she will scrub the floor clean.
To move the fridge back, she will have to move everything off of the top. While she is doing that,  she will decide to move the microwave. To move the microwave, she will need to reorganize some cupboards. Once that is done, she will surely need to wash the hallway walls and scrub off the outside of the fridge. She will also need to clean out the inside of the fridge and freezer, to be fair.

Then she will decide to wipe down more cabinets, scrub the counter tops and dust.
Now there is dust on the floor, so she will surely need to vacuum and mop the kitchen floors. While she's at it, she goes ahead and vacuums all the downstairs floors.
The vacuum the porch, she must first pick up the toys and shoes scattered about.
To vacuum the great room floors, she must confiscate the five pound bag of Hershey's kisses her son snatched from the freezer and pick up ten little foil wrappers scattered about.
While vacuuming the bathroom she notices the toilet and sink could use a cleaning, so she does that "quick".
If you give mama a milk spill, she will spend almost three hours cleaning. 

And finish, just in time to make lunch. ;)

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