Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Baby Projects: Burp Cloths

Over the last few weeks I have slowly been working on sewing a collection of things for Baby. Mainly, burp cloths and rags. :)

First I whipped up some simple flannel and chenille wash cloths. I found the flannel and chenille at JoAnn's on sale. Mine were 8x8. I decided to do a zig zag stitch around the edges because they were too bulky otherwise.
I ended up with a dozen of these, three of each print.

I love these! The chenille is super soft, softer then the terry I had originally though of using, and the flannel prints are just so cute. ;)

In the same prints I made four flannel/terry burp cloths which are 8x16. These I did sew normally and then top stitched around to make them look more neat.

These last one were SO easy! My mom had given me a huge stack of pre fold diapers, and of course I couldn't just let them be plain white. :P
I cut strips of flannel about a third of the size of the diapers and zig zagged around, as easy as that! Definitely spruces them up and who can resist those cute widdle owls? :)

So far  I have a dozen wash cloths and ten burp cloths. :)


  1. Very cute!! I am loving the owl print!! :D

  2. Adorable! You've been around babies enough to know these are essentials! :-) William has prefold burp cloths with a cute print someone made for him and those are by far our favorites :-).

  3. Cute :)

    Thanks for sharing!