Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ezra John: 4 months

Only a couple weeks late with this one. ;)

Ezra is such a joy! He is a very sweet, happy boy. He is quick to smile and laugh and just about anyone, including strangers! He can be very social, but also needs his alone time. Like his parents. ;)

He has started a high pitched screech when he's happy, and he does it often, interspersed with happy little giggles and chatters while he playing with toys or when we talk to him.
Speaking of talking, he now says "hi" as his first word! He is still pretty sporadic when and how well he will say it, but he will distinctly look you in the eye and say it. It's pretty adorable. ;)

Last week we went on a long road trip down to Texas to meet his new cousin, Eleanor Lane, and back up to a wedding. He did so well in the car for many long days of driving, and it was so cute to see him with Eleanor and watch him get lovingly passed around.
He is really into toys these days, and his favorites are simple ring toys and his crinkly teething elephant.

He is getting better at supporting himself, and can almost sit propped.

Here are his 4 month pictures! :)

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