Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ezra John: 5 Months

I was determined to not fall behind on these updates agin, and to get Ezra's 5 month update written up before he was 6 months. I made it... by a few days. :P Heh.

Ezra had a busy month... he travelled to Texas by car and Wyoming by plane! He did really well on both trips, and everyone thought he was so adorable and fun! We tend to agree. ;)

Ezra started to try sitting up this month, and is getting better at it every day! He still does the "gorilla" sitting some, where he leans forward on his hands to keep his balance.

He still loves his play mat, and has recently started to enjoy his new johny jump up and exersaucer.

Ezra is such a sweet joy! He is a very happy baby, and almost has a slobbery grin for you! He is very sociable and will smile and jabber at anyone, even total strangers! He is getting better at sleeping at night again, and since we came back from WY he has been sleeping through the night, or only getting up once in a 8-10 hour stretch. That makes for one grateful mama! ;) He still naps at least two hour plus naps, and usually a few other shorter ones depending on whether we are home or not.

Ezra is still in our room for now, sleeping in his cosleeper. I am hoping to transition him upstairs into his own room once we get the nursery remodeled and he is sleeping through the night consistently, probably this late fall.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to do a big photoshoot this month since we were just so busy, but here are a few shots from his adventures. :)

On our way to TX to meet his cousin!

Texas roadtrip!

Classic Ezra grin!

Jackson Hole, WY.

My little adventurer baby ready to hike in the Tetons!

Sitting by one of the antler arches in Jackson. :)

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