Monday, September 30, 2013

Ezra John: 7 & 8 Months

So much for keeping up with these! Summer has been crazy, mixed with a sad teething baby and lots of activity, everything seems behind. So, in light of that, I am combining the last two months in hopes of actually getting his nine month update out in a timely fashion. :)

Ezra finally cut his first tooth at 8.5 months! That is our newest and most exciting accomplishment. :) He sits up really well now, and is good at leaning to the side and forward to reach for toys, but has yet to make any efforts to crawl or scoot. I'm okay with that, I'm not really looking forward to having to chase him around our huge house, and am just enjoying this fun stage!


                                                              Ezra at 7 months

At 22 lbs, 26 inches long, he's sure getting big. Just in the last two weeks he skipped from 6 mo clothes to growing out of 12 month! He seems to finally be getting some length and is seeming less chubby. He's so much more active, which is burning his chub away!

I have recently joined a MOPS group, as well as the MomTime group at our church, so Ezra has had some experience being left in the nursery. Over all he does pretty well, he has been teething so that doesn't help. Since he's almost always with me, I'm hoping the experience of being left will be good for him. :) I know I enjoy the break! ;)

One of his favorite activities right now is rocking in his exersaucer. He spins around to the cup holder, grabs hold, and rocks rather violently back and forth. We tease he's running in his mind. ;) He has also rocked himself to sleep a couple times in there, so cute to find him like that! He also loves blocks and balls, and chews on everything he gets a hold of!

We were able to visit with my family a couple times this year, and Ezra got to spend some time with his aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousin on my side.
Uncle Samuel has always been so excited to see and hold Ezra!

Eleanor and Ezra, cousins! Gotta love baby photography. ;)

Samuel and Abram (9 and 7), playing with Ezra.

Jacob is so good with babies!

Earlier this month we took our fall camping trip, and we had such a blast! It was Ezra's first time camping, and he got to experience camp fires, sleeping in the tent, biking, hiking, canoeing, and an all night rain storm. Ha.We headed up to Sakatah State Park for the weekend, and got SO many pictures, but I'll spare you most of those. ;)

Campfire time with daddy!

Ready for a day of adventures!

All strapped into the bike trailer! They had really nice bike trails there.

Learning about leaves...

And flowers.

He's so big! :(

Love this little guy!

Enjoying some cuddle time while it poured rain.

He was so amused by batting at the tent!

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