Monday, October 14, 2013

Ezra John: 9 months

Look at me, doing this on time! ;) Yay me! Ha.

Ezra... Ezra is joy. Laughter, smiles, toothy grins. Cuddles. Kisses. Ezra is a beautiful, precious blessing. He made me a mother. I am a MOM. Amazing.

Ezra has grown another two inches and gained two pounds in the last month, bringing him to 30 inches long, 24 lbs. He has two adorable pearly white toothies. Every day he gets closer to crawling. He scoots slowly across the room on his behind now, and can turn himself in a full circle. He's also getting the hang of getting his foot behind him, so I don't think crawling is far off.

Current favorite toy continues to be the exersaucer, and new favorites include a bead toy for church, blocks, and a rocking car. He loves to rock! He has put himself to sleep a more times in the exersaucer and rocks like crazy in his car.
He flips the little bugs around by their wings for the longest time.

We finally moved Ezra out of our room to the office. He has a new room upstairs as well (post about that to come!), but we will probably keep him downstairs through the winter since the upstairs isn't heated and I want to make sure he's consistent in sleeping through the night.
The office is just around the corner from our room, and it is working SO well. He was waking 3-5 times a night and staying awake at 4 am, which is a lot little too early for this mama! Since he moved he has progressively improved, and in less then a week he has gone to going to bed at 8 and not waking until 6:30-7, with no waking or crying! So exciting for us! We are enjoying having our own space back, and he seems to enjoy the solitude. :)

 He loves his daddy! Whenever he sees him he just lights up, especially when Jacob gets home from work. He gets so excited and grins really big! Jacob is such an awesome dad, he willingly watches Ezra whenever he can and does so well with him. I am so blessed! It's been so fun to watch their relationship grow.

Toothy grin!

Handsome little guy all ready for church!

Telling me about his toys. :)

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