Thursday, October 17, 2013

Don't Throw Out that Wipes Container!

"Wipes" Pull-Out Activity Toy

Ezra loves to pull tissues or wipes out of the box, he gets so happy and excited its hard for me to take them away before he wastes them all!

I had just emptied a wipes container, and since I always have tons of fabric scraps, I thought why not, let's see if this will work. :)

Picked out some fabric.

Cut them into 5x10 or so strips. Random lengths. I think if I did it again I would make them wider.

I let my little tester try it out before I finished it. He seemed intrigued. :)
This is how I often sew, with a nursing baby in my lap! :P

I sewed them into a tube and pulled it right-side-out. A huge pain since it ended up so narrow. :/

All done!

I sewed a canning jar lid to one end to keep the fabric from coming all the way out of the container.

Using part of a fat quarter, I covered the container in fabric, using the glue gun to secure.


I tied some short pieces of ribbon securely every so often since Ezra loves ribbon. :)
 I have some fabric and ribbon picked out for a girl themed one. :)



  1. I LOVE that!!!! My Ethan would play with that for hours!!!