Thursday, October 17, 2013

Old Barn Window? Picture Frame. :)

I picked this up at a yard sale for a couple of dollars. I am always on the lookout for these, I love the look and what you can do with them!
This was the second barn window I have redone, I also did one with our wedding pictures for the mantel in the great room.

This project was super simple, and cost less then $20! I ordered four 8 x 10's from WalMart, which were about $10, grabbed a thick poster board for $1.50, and that and some duct and double stick tape were all I needed.

Before. The backing was just this poster sized picture that was taped on, so I removed that.

Since it had no backing I added this poster board, cut down a bit, and duct taped it on. So professional. ;)

Once that was done I attached the pictures to the inside of the poster board. I also added some claw hangers on the back since I had removed the flimsy wire from the top that it used to hang from. I didn't trust it. :P
Here it is in Ezra's new room! :) I <3 it!

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