Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mini Board

I found this cute little piece for $0.69 at Salvation Army, and after several weeks of it sitting on a shelf collecting dust, I finally figured out the best way to use it.
I took the spiral wire out from between the boards, covered the top piece a scrap of cardboard with fabric, and made a miniature ribbon board. 
Second one I bought a dry erase board at half off at JoAnn's Fabric for $0.50, cut it to size and glued it on. It included a mini marker, which I attached to the side using a scrap of ribbon hot glue gunned to the back in a loop. I also had to glue a strip of ribbon around the marker, so it wouldn't slip through the loop.
The last board I left as it was, a mini cork board. I mod podge'd fabric onto the tacks to dress it up. Finally, I attached them all using ribbon I had from gifts, and left over from wedding decor.
Total cost: approx. $1.00 including all supplies


After! :)

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