Sunday, January 15, 2012

Re-Purposing: Dressers

We found these dressers in our barn on our property last year, and I thought it was a shame for them to go to waste, so I went to work on them!
It was quite the scrubbing project, they were pretty filthy.

After they were washed, scrubbed, and polished, we brought them inside. Unfortunately, the already-sticking drawers were so swollen from the amount of water I used (oops...) and the temperature change, they wouldn't fit back in the dresser. Soo... hubby replaced the runners on all the drawers for me. :) They work wonderfully now! I removed all the old glass and replaced the knobs on the dresser side cabinets. The top pieces have all original handles.
I also lined the bottoms of the drawers with adhesive drawer liner. 

The dresser and smaller hutch fit very nicely into the nook we added in our room. I love it!

The larger hutch, which is 72" long, went on the other side of our bedroom.
Murphy's oil soap: half of bottle @ 0.88 per bottle
Runners: around $25
Total cost: less than $30, plus a couple hours :P

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