Sunday, January 15, 2012

Quilted Menu Board

I saw an idea online to make a dry erase board using fabric in a picture frame, and late one night I had this idea... a "quilted" menu board!

The frame is a 11x14 from WalMart for $5.00. The fabric was scraps I had on hand, which I cut in 11x2 in. strips and sewed together. I used coordinating green and cream colors, which will be the colors of my kitchen. :) 

I sewed them together, trimmed it up, and put it in the frame! I thought I was done, but as I looked at it I thought it looked a little empty, so I cut a scrap of creme fabric into a 5x11 rectangle and topped with green checked ribbon for a memo area.

Total cost: $5.00 - fabric and notions I had on hand

Cut fabric into strips...

 I use regular dry-erase markers on this and they work just fine, but I've heard Vis-O-Vis markers work better on glass.

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