Monday, December 24, 2012

Baby Projects: Diaper Baggies

I picked up a roll of 4 gallon trash bags at the dollar store months ago for a different use, but since they were still laying around, I thought they would make a nice addition to my diaper bag for the...less then pleasant smelling baby diapers and soiled outfits in my future. ;)

Knowing me, I couldn't just throw the roll of bags in a pocket and call in good. I had a scrap of fabric laying around, so I whipped this up really quick.

I measured how long and wide my bags were, then added a good inch and a half on all sides to account for seams and the height of the roll.

I added 1/2 inch elastic on the top (learn from my mistake and do this before you sew the sides...), and sewed up the sides.

I decided I wanted it to hang inside the diaper bag, so I added a tab which I attached the bottom of the case and attached a key ring and small carabiner to.

On the elastic end I was just going to tie it off, but I found a small spring loaded clasp in my sewing supplies, and added that instead, which will be great for easy re-filling. :)

 Finished! :)

I added a hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works, and it's done!