Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Love You Because... Board Tutorial

I was going through the old dilema of what to make/get Jacob for V.D., and while going through my Pinterest boards for inspiration, found this again. Ah ha! Not really "guy", but something I wanted to make anyway. :P
It's simple and cute, and a perfect way to keep those sweet love notes coming! 

I Love You Message Board Tutorial
This was supposed to be made using an 8 x 10, but I didn't have one, and I figured the 5 x 7 from the Dollar Store I did have would work just dandy. It did.
Mess work in progress. At this point I wasn't sure how to decorate it, so I had ideas everywhere.

I printed the wording off on colored card stock, glued it to scrapbook paper cut to size, and added some ribbon scraps. The fonts I used are Century Gothic and the "love" is Pea Annalee Script.

And for the flowers, I crocheted a chain (not sure how long, just eye balled it) of yarn and  string together.

And attached it to a small square of fabric with the glue gun, winding it slowly to make  a  rosette. I glued it to itself every so often so it wouldn't separate.

This is what the back looked it like when it was done. I did three of them. One with two strands, one of  just yarn, and one with two strands of string. I added buttons to the center, glued  them to the corner...

And there you have it! You can use a regular dry erase (fine tip) marker, or a Vis-O-Vis  marker.

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