Monday, February 27, 2012

Learning to Fight

As a newlywed of less than five months, I have found marriage to be one of the most wonderful and most difficult things I have done. I love being married, I absolutely do. My husband is an incredibly sweet, caring, and funny guy, and I count myself very blessed to be his wife. I have made so many wonderful discoveries as a wife, and the journey is just beginning. However, I don't think I ever expected marriage to be such a roller coaster. Jacob's and my personalities are very similar. We often react to stress or being upset the same way, which doesn't mean a quick resolution to a conflict.

While we were dating and engaged, we rarely if ever had a disagreement, and if we did, one of us quickly gave ground and it was resolved. Once we were married, however, we soon that one or the other (usually me) did not want to be wrong or give in. We have had countless arguments over the smallest things. I once said that I wished we wouldn't argue so much. Jacob lovingly reminded me that it was probably good that we learned how to argue out our issues in a healthy way, and not just close ourselves off. And he was right. If we never fought, we would have never learned to give in and apologize.

When I look back, I can easily see where either or both of us were at fault. I have learned that there are so many more important ways to spend our time than a fight. I have learned to let go of some of my selfish wants, and submit to my husbands wise counsel. I have learned to say I'm sorry, and mean it. 

I have learned that marriage is not perfect, that there will be struggles. There will be disagreements. You are meshing two completely different people together for a lifetime, there are bound to be bumps in the road. I have also learned that it's not what life is, but what you make of it. Take joy in the little moments, be content with the beautiful love you have together. 

I still catch myself staring at my ring, or the ring on his finger and my stomach does a little flip flop. I am married. To my best friend. That is so amazing and exciting! I hope I never lose that excitement for my love. I hope I never forget to best moments of this first precious year. 

Marriage is beautiful ride. <3

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