Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Of Ziplocs and Frustration

Let's just say... Ziplocs are not the equivalent of clear craft vinyl. :P Can anyone say frustration?! I saw this adorable card in Target that had little slots on the front with tickets for various things, and I thought... Why pay $5 for that? I bet  I could make it myself... That and the fact I already had a better card picked out. :P
I dissected a Ziploc freezer bag, and began.

The front was frustrating.  I shouldn't have tried to use the plastic on the front. It puckered and the seams wouldn't hold well. Live and learn! Overall I was happy with the result, as it started out horribly! It's difficult to sew slippery plastic onto fabric.

The inside turned out just like I wanted it to! By now I have figured out how to hold it together so it wouldn't slip, and  started with the vertical lines, so the bottom was easy. I added velcro to keep it shut, and the coupons. I made six slots, and I plan to make new coupons and refill it from time to time. :)

Overall, frustrating? Yes. Worth it? Yes. It's cute, looks more or less like I wanted, and will work just dandy. :)

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