Thursday, March 22, 2012

DIY Coasters, for pennies each!

I had been looking online for ideas for DIY coasters, and after seeing many ideas using 6-inch tiles, I headed to Home Depot and ended up with these! I love them!

All you need is:
  • 6-inch tiles 
  • flooring samples (I found these at Home Depot. Vinyl samples would be best)
  • Glue (I used Elmer's Glue-All)
  • Felt scraps, or felt chair pads with adhesive

All you do is:

Glue samples to the tiles.

Allow to dry. I left mine for a while under a stack of  handy Simply Said catalogs. :P

Add felt pads.

And you're done! I loved these samples because they reminded me of birch wood, which goes along with my decorating theme in that room.
I also made four with Simply Said designs that I had. Love 'em!

Total cost:
$0.68 tiles
$0.13 felt pads x 4
= $0.81 each!


  1. These are so cool! :) I just might have to steal some of your extremely creative ideas! :)

  2. Absolutely! :) I love seeing people use my ideas!