Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Cleaning: Master List


I have started my spring cleaning! There is no greater motivator to  really deep clean than a warm clean breeze coming through my windows. :) 
I love our big house.. but it takes a good deal of time to get it clean! I have to make lists to remember it all.

This is my list after getting caught up a months worth of daily grime and laundry...

wash window
empty, clean, and reorganize fridge
wipe off cabinets
empty, clean, and reorganize cupboards as needed. Store/give unused items
clean oven
dust shelf

sort all drawers, discard old items
clean shower

wash sheets, clean mattress
purge closet
switch winter clothes for summer clothes
dust fan

Great Room:
vacuum/mop floors
clean up/redo light fixtures
spray paint vents on the fireplace
clean couches using baking soda treatment
wash windows/slider
clean table and chairs

move craft/sewing stuff into the craft room

organize desk and business items
empty and move bookshelf into the  great room

Guest Room:
wash sheets/remake beds
vacuum carpet
go thru closet, purge

 How is your spring cleaning going?

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  1. Wow! :) I too have been working on spring cleaning....I agree, nice weather is a GREAT motivator! :) I have another motivator in the back of my mind as well; We are hoping to move in a month or two so we'll need the house to be really clean for that. :)