Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Repurposing: More barn treasures! :)

I had found a couple more things in our barns this winter that I wanted to fix up, and with the beautiful weather, what better day to tackle an outside project? :)

First up, I found this cute little stand. I'm assuming it's a plant stand or something like that. It was in pretty rough shape.

I washed it up, and realized the finish was pretty much non-existent, and since I didn't have any, and this was a zero-budget project, I found some leftover paint from our house, and painter 'er up...

Much better! :)

I did some distressing on it.
 I love how it turned out! :D

I also had my eye on this table. It's a nice, solid wood piece. However, it was filthy and had some water damage.

But, with the help of my trusty Murphy's Oil Soap...

And my ever-annoying helpful companion, Claire...

We got it cleaned right up! Isn't she shiny? :)

Lugged it inside, and found a perfect place for it in my kitchen. :)

The crate shelves are also a barn salvage. I love the rustic look.

I love how they both turned out, and they fit our house perfectly! Yay for free stuff! ;)


  1. Wow! This all looks really cool!

  2. I really like how you took what was in your hands and fixed them up to add warmth and comfort to your home!

    P.S. I just stumbled upon your blog and have enjoyed your posts (we were HSA friends-I'm Sarah, the Asian girl :-)). Congrats on your marriage! So happy for you :-).

    I blog over at wakingtothesunlight.blogspot.com

  3. Thank you, Sarah! :) (and I remember you ;))
    Thanks for the link..I love discovering new blogs!

  4. You're welcome! So happy to have discovered your blog too. Looking forward to your future posts :-).