Saturday, March 24, 2012

There is someone in my life who knows me more than anyone else, someone who always beside me, always supportive. He loves me unconditionally.

No matter what he is in the middle of, whether he's working outside or inside on a ladder, he will always, always stop what he's doing and hug me, whenever I need it. No questions. He will always listen to anything I say, patiently letting me rant or stumble through an explanation.

He holds me, even when I'm angry and try to push him away. He will gently hold me until I surrender, because, after all, that's what I really did want.

He is willing to step out of his comfort zone and try new things with me. He makes my life an adventure.

He went riding with me! <3

He works so hard to provide for me, working from dawn to well after dusk to keep food on the table and to make sure we have a little extra to go on trips or an impromptu shopping spree.


He works hard to make our house beautiful, and has put his amazing constructions skills to good use.

He lets me get pets, and helps me with them. Even if he isn't a total animal person, he tries for me.

Hubs with Charlotte, my hedgie. 

He makes me laugh. Every day. He has an awesome sense of humor, and no matter what mood I am in, he can always make me smile.

He holds my hand in the car. He holds my hand while we walk through the store. He holds doors for me. He opens my car door.
Ireland Honeymoon

He calls me beautiful. And means it.


He supports me. He believes in me. He knows what to say at all the right moments to encourage me. He will always catch me if I fall.

I trust him with my whole heart. I love him with all I have.

He is my best friend, the one I vowed to love the rest of my life.

I love you, baby! <3

What if we were made for each other

Born to become best friends and lovers

I want to stay right here

In this moment with you
Over and over and over again

What if this could be a real love
A love, a love, yeah
I write our names down in the sand
Picturing all our plans
I close my eyes and I can see
You, and you ask, "Will you marry me?" 

Colbie Caillat "What If"

September 17, 2011 <3

To my amazing husband, Jacob. I will always love you. 


  1. I am SO glad that you have him! :) It makes me happy to see that others are happy. :) It sees that far too often I see people belittling their spouses and bringing up their faults and how aggravated they are with them. It is so nice to see two people who are madly in love with their best friend. I am so glad that I have that, and two years later, it gets even better. :) More people need to learn to love and appreciate the ones dear to more deeply and realize how very fortunate they are. :)Love the pictures, too!! :)

  2. I know what you mean! I have seen more broken, dysfunctional marriages than I have seen good, solid, God-centered ones, and for a while I was terrified of marriage. Through the grace of God I overcame that, and am now married to the most amazing man!

  3. Same here. It seems that commitment and loyalty no longer have much significance or importance in marriage or in relationships in general. I had seen a lot of marriages that have dissolved and sadly it is often over such futile things, yet people lack the will to persevere and make it through it. When you love someone, any storm is worth pushing through, and the rewards that come following the storms, strengthen what you have even more. :)