Monday, April 16, 2012

Jute Letters & Wall Decor

I love the look of jute-wrapped wall letters.. how cute is this, right?! However, they looked fairly simple, and I wasn't about to pay $20+ a letter.
Soo.. I purchased a roll of jute at Home Depot for 3.99, and wooden letters at JoAnn's for .99 each.

Just look at all that fun stuff!

I wrapped the letters with the jute, using hot glue occasionally to keep it secure.
The end result? Jute letters, for a fraction of the price! I used maybe a 1/4 of the jute per letter, so that's roughly $2 a letter!

I also bought some wood plaques for around $2 at JoAnn's, slapped some tan paint on 'em, and glued some wall decals I got for free on the front, and filled in the empty spaces on my hallway wall. :)

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