Thursday, April 19, 2012

Repurpose: Hall Cabinet

 In my search for a small, slim profile cabinet/table for our entry way, I found this one at Salvation Army earlier this week for a mere $15. :)
Ugly, but workable...

I removed the hardware, sanded it down a little, and started painting.

I very much dislike painting furniture, and this was no exception. :P With the help of Pandora, I made it through though. :)

I spray painting the hardware black. Notice how I got them to stand up.. clothespins. ;)

In it's new home! :)

Ahh.. Much better than nasty looking gold!

Nice low profile. :)

Total cost: $20 approx. I bought paint for it, but only used less than a quarter of a $11 can.
Oh look.. it's me! ;)

Claire *loves* watching me and getting under foot when I'm doing projects. :P She's pretty cute, though.

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