Thursday, April 19, 2012

Repurpose: Cupboard Door

This project has taken me forever to finish. I kept coming to a standstill, unsure of how I wanted to finish it. I finally did a couple of days ago, and it turned out so cute!

I found this old cupboard door out in our barn, the mirror was facing the wrong way, so I removed it, filled the hinge holes, sanded it, and painted it tan.

And then it sat for a month or so. :P While I was painting the ceiling in the great room, I had an idea to throw a little white paint on it, and distress the edges with a sanding sponge...

I bought a Martha Stuart stencil from Home Depot, and using a darker tan from our house paint, decorated it a little. :) I wanted to decorate it so I could use the mirror vertically or horizontally. 

Total cost: around $5, including the stencil, which I plan to use for other projects.

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